This Blog Has Moved

As you may have gathered from my previous post and the fact that I haven’t fixed my sidebar, I’ve had enough of WordPress. Instead, I’ve decided to move to another blogging program, called Habari. It’s clean and easy to use and it gave me an excuse to redesign my blog into a minimalist design that I really, really like.

So, this blog has now moved to

For those of you reading from RSS readers, this affects you too. But, here’s the good news: This is the last time you’ll ever have to worry about re-subscribing to this blog. My new RSS feed URL is, and will always be, Since I’m using Feedburner, if I ever have the need to move the blog again, it will be easy for me to change it behind the scenes. If you want to keep receiving updates from me, please subscribe to that feed.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you on my new blog!

EDIT: (I actually switched back from Habari to WordPress–it’s gotten better since I wrote this post. Still at the same address above.)

Upgrade In Progress

I’m in the process of updating to WordPress version 2.5. The site may look weird for a few minutes.

OK, I think we’re good now. Fingers are crossed, but I think I’ve fixed the problems that cropped up in the theme. Let me know if anything looks obviously wrong.

On the good side, they redesigned the backend that I’m using right now to type this, and it’s a lot prettier. Much less messy. So far, I approve.

New Theme and Features for

I’ve change the theme for from Ceruleus, my contest entry for the Sandbox Design Competition, to this one. It’s based on the fabulous K2 theme, which looks great all on its own. I added some missing features (e.g. limiting image sizes to 500px across so they don’t poke into the sidebar if they’re too wide) and tweaked it a little here and there, but for the most part, it’s just the standard K2 theme.

K2 adds some neat features to the blog, most notably the live comment addition. When you add a new comment to a post, it will add your comment to the bottom of the list without reloading the page. It’s really spiffy looking. Try it out!

The “theoretically related posts” part of the individual blog pages has moved into the sidebar, and I’ve moved the archives from sidebar into their own page, linked in the header above. I’ve also switched from using the Google Reader widget in the sidebar to using one from, so that I can post links from sites that I’m not subscribed to.

Anyways, let me know if you find anything that looks broken, and tell me what you think about the new theme.

New A2 Hosting Packages

This site is hosted through A2 Web Hosting. They’ve been a great host for me so far, offering great prices on my web hosting while still giving me some fantastic support.

They’ve also just gotten a lot better: Two days ago, they announced new package rates. For just $7.95 a month, I get 250gb of storage space, Ruby on Rails, unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains and subdomains, unlimited SQL databases, and access to the latest versions of MySQL and PHP. Get more details on their web hosting plans.

Since I’ve always gotten such great support from A2, I’ve signed up for their affiliate program. If you buy web hosting through any of the links to A2 from my site, you’ll be helping to support this site–and believe me, that will be very much appreciated. A2 has even given me a coupon code to help you out: 10% off any A2 Hosting plans, just use the coupon “a2hostmost”. Expires 12/31/2007.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan to write posts advertising for A2 like this on a regular basis. Just remember that you can always great hosting service through the link on my sidebar.

Stupid Google and Microsoft

Can someone explain to me why, all of a sudden, when you search Google for “jd harper” I’m no longer the top result?

Same for

Yahoo still has me at the top–for now at least.

Likewise for one of my most-googled posts, about an obscure error code for Cygwin. Searching for “proc magic mismatch detected” on Microsoft’s and on Google used to give you my guide to fixing the problem. Yahoo still does.

Could it be that (until just a minute ago) my home page at used PHP to redirect to ? I changed it to do that when I was setting up my test blog for the Sandbox competition because my previous htaccess file was screwing up my subdomain setup. Was that a mistake, search-engine-wise?

I hate how the big search engines are so inaccessible to web developers. Visiting my account on the Google Webmaster page tells me that my page is in the Google index, but it doesn’t tell me why I’m suddenly no longer in the top search results like I used to be. It took me two months to get into the Google rankings at all, and it ticks me off that I’m suddenly back to next-to-nothing.

I mean, I’m doing everything I can to play nice with the search engines. I’ve even installed a plug-in that automatically updates a site map so the search engines can find all of my pages. But now they’ve both betrayed me here, without even letting me know what the problem is.

These are Asides

If you’re looking at this on my main home page, this post looks a lot different than the rest of my posts. It’s called an “aside,” and it’s a way for me to write a quick post, on the order of two or there sentences, without taking up all the space that a full-sized post would take. It appears that Matthew Mullenweg at Photo Matt Jason Kottke at was the one who pioneered this concept, and I think it’s just brilliant.

Post by email with Postie

I’ve just reinstalled the Postie plugin to the blog. This plugin is a massive upgrade to the WordPress default post by email function. It handles multiple categories, images, and HTML, and it blocks unapproved email addresses.

And it actually seems to post the text of the email instead of just the subject line, which is a big plus.

I love knowing that I can blog from anywhere!