The Death of Civil Liberties—Oh look! Something shiny!

The Senate and the House both passed identical bills that eliminate the right to fair trial, also known as habeas corpus for “enemy combatants.” Enemy combatants, it turns out means “whomever Bush wants to call an enemy combatant.”

I could write an extended rant about how our democracy has finally bitten the dust. I could write about how 219 out of the 233 Republicans in the house voted to stab us–all of us–in the back for short term political gain. I could mention that only 1 Republican in the Senate voted against this atrocity. I could lament the fact that I voted for the party that has turned against an 800 year tradition of freedom.

I could point out that while today’s “enemy combatants” are Muslim fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists might not be all that far behind.

I could do all that, but it would really depress me. So, instead, here’s a funny picture I found on Flickr.

Just how much are you going to pay for those mangos?

EDIT: Added link to Flickr page for the photo that I found. Welcome Reddit readers!