Where I’ve Been This Time: Starcraft

I’ve recently discovered an old classic RTS game, StarCraft. I had never played this before I saw the trailers for StarCraft II. Once I saw the trailer, I headed to the video game shop in the mall and bought the StarCraft Battlechest. I’m playing through the first game’s campaign now.

I had heard of people getting addicted to this game and dropping out of college back when it was first released. (Now that title has been passed to World of WarCraft, made by the same publisher, Blizzard.) I know that StarCraft is a huge part of the Korean professional video gaming scene. And I can see why, on both counts. This is an amazingly good game.

Of course, since this is an old game, the graphics are nothing special. But the core of the game is spectacular: the three races look and feel entirely different from each other, but they’re evenly balanced.

And the plus side of it being an old game is that I can play it on my tablet PC, which can’t handle modern games at all.

My only complaint: I can’t zoom in and out. I really want to be able to get a birds-eye view of the battlefield.

The other cool thing is that there’s now a StarCraft board game, which is as good as the video game. A friend of mine has bought it, and so my brother and I have gotten to play the game. Like the video game, it’s well-balanced and challenging. (And I’ve actually managed to win this game a couple of times, unlike most of our previous games.)

Blizzard Entertainment must have made a deal with the devil: everything they touch turns to crack cocaine. And I’m going to enjoy it while I can, the little junkie that I am.

The Spice Must Flow

Warning: This will make no sense if you have not read the Dune books.

In a Metafilter thread about the Spice Girls, never used baby shoes said “My question has always been if the Spice Girls are part of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood.”

empath on Metafilter responded:

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want

tell me what you want, what you really really want

I really really really wanna give birth to the Kwisatz Haderach.

Best thing I’ve read all day.

A French Fry Coated Hot Dog

hotdogonstick2, originally uploaded by lobstermartini.

Continuing my never-ending quest for disgustingly unhealthy foods, I present to you the french-fry coated hot dog. Sold in South Korea. (Via MetaFilter)

Creepiest Thing I’ve Seen All Day

CARNIVOROUS BEES, originally uploaded by J. D. Harper.

I always thought that bees flew around, pollinating flowers and making honey. Sure, they might sting the occasional foolish school child, but bees were generally friendly bugs, if you left them alone.

But apparently, this one likes the taste of raw hamburger. And how long will it be until it tries man-flesh?

Perhaps bees will eventually figure out how to tell which people are allergic to them, and they’ll send in single assassin bees to kill them. Then the hive will dine on the flesh of their gigantic prey.

If Steven King writes this into a novel, I’m suing him for plagiarism.