ENOUGH already

I got an email today informing me that my comments were broken. So I found out that the K2 theme that I use to display this blog had been updated to a new version. Installing that fixed my comments problem, but managed to erase my sidebar. GRARGH.

I’m really getting sick of WordPress. I may retire this blog and move to something else soon. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “ENOUGH already

  1. Hi! I read your Tumblr post about Habari, and thought I’d drop you a note.

    When you’re finally through with WordPress and decide to take the plunge into Habari full-on, be sure to visit our IRC Channel if you need help, want to see the latest new stuff we’re working on, or want to pass on any feedback from using the software.

    I hope you enjoy working with Habari!

  2. Cool! I fully intend to switch to Habari in a few days here. I’m writing a new theme for it now. I *love* it; the posting interface is great. It’s beautiful and simple. Thanks!