How to Update the Fujitsu T4215 to Vista Service Pack 1

I got to wondering the other day: Why hasn’t Vista Service Pack 1 showed up in my Automatic Updates yet? It’s been out since March. So, after some investigating, I discovered that Vista SP1 has problems with some laptop hardware drivers, and the T4215 has several of these drivers.

After some hours of struggle, I was finally able to get my computer upgraded to SP1. Part of the problem is that the main Fujitsu site doesn’t have the drivers you need on their web site at the moment. So, here’s what you have to do to update the T4215 to Vista SP1:

(I take no responsibility for what you do to your computer.)

Update the Display Drivers

Intel Display
• For x86-based computers: Igdkmd32.sys – versions between and including driver and
• For x64-based computers: Igdkmd64.sys – versions between and including driver and

At some point I had upgraded my display drivers from Intel’s website. If you are using the stock video drivers that were installed on the T4215, skip this step. If you upgraded to a generic video driver that falls inside of the range listed above, like I did, you’ll need to read on.

Go to this page on the Intel website to download the ZIP file that contains the drivers you need. Extract it.

Now, unfortunately, you can’t just use the setup program in the zip file, because it will tell you that the drivers haven’t been certified for this computer. They want you to update using the drivers supplied by Fujitsu, but since Fujitsu hasn’t updated the display drivers since the T4215 came out, that won’t work. Instead, you’ll need to follow the advice on this Intel help page.

  1. Go to the Control Panel and type “hardware” in the search box. Click the link that says “View Hardware and Devices.”
  2. Click the plus sign next to Display Adapters
  3. Right-click Mobile Intel(R) 945 Chipset Family and click “Update Driver Software”
  4. Click “Browse My Computer for Driver Software”
  5. Click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
  6. Click “Have Disk”
  7. Click “Browse”
  8. Locate the folder that you unzipped the zip file to and open the Graphics folder
  9. Click “Open”
  10. Click “Next” to install the driver
  11. Click “Finish.” Your computer will probably need to be restarted.

Update the Fingerprint Drivers

AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor with the Atswpdrv.sys driver file – version or earlier

Next, you’ll need to update the drivers for your fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, Fujitsu’s main website has not seen fit to update this driver on their website. You’ll have to get it from the Fujitsu-Siemens website, which has version

Simply download the ZIP and run the ATMinInstall.exe file. You’ll probably have to reboot at the end of the process.

Uninstall the Shock Sensor utility
The stock version of the Shock Sensor utility will make Vista SP1 go into a Blue Screen of Death every time the laptop gets shaken too hard. You’ll need to install the new version after installing SP1, but go ahead and remove the Shock Sensor Utility now by going to the Control Panel, clicking “Uninstall a Program,” clicking the Shock Sensor utility, and clicking Uninstall from the bar at the top of the screen.

Download SP1
We still have one more driver that needs to be updated before the Windows Automatic Update utility will show us SP1:

• For x86-based computers: Sthda.sys – version 5.10.5762.0 or earlier
• For x64-based computers: Sthda64.sys – version 5.10.5762.0 or earlier

Unfortunately, none of the Fujitsu pages have a newer version (they only have version V6.10.5362.0). However, according to IDT, the company that bought Sigmatel, the problem has to do with the User Account Control system when SP1 installs, not how SP1 runs after it installs. All we have to do is reinstall the old driver from Fujitsu after SP1 installs.

Unfortunately, this means that we don’t have access to the Automatic Update to get SP1. So, we can either A) download SP1 manually, install it, and then reinstall the audio drivers, or B) we can remove the Sigmatel audio drivers, run and refresh the Automatic Update, which should allow us to get SP1 automatically now, and reinstall the audio drivers. The first option is simpler, but the second option will save you some download time. I chose the simpler one on my machine.

Go to Microsoft’s website to download the 32-bit version of SP1. The download is 434.5 megabytes, so it will take a little while. I played Team Fortress 2 on my desktop while I waited.

Backup Everything
In case this update screws up your computer, you’re going to want to have everything backed up to DVD’s or an external hard drive. Do that first, before you install SP1.

Install SP1
Run the file that you downloaded from Microsoft, and go through their little wizard. This will take some time.

Reinstall the Sound Card drivers
Download and run this file from Fujitsu to install the latest drivers for the Sigmatel High Definition Audio CODEC.

Install the new Shock Sensor Utility
Finally, you’ll need to get the latest version of the Shock Sensor Utility from Fujitsu-Siemens. After you unzip this file, run the Setup.exe in the ShockSensor_Utility_2.0L20 folder.

Drink a Refreshing Beverage
That should do it. If everything went right, you’re now running Vista SP1. Click the Start button, right click on Computer and click Properties. Under Windows Vista Business, it should say Service Pack 1. If it does, you win!

Thanks especially to Jace ‘n’ Place for linking to several sites that listed drivers for the T4215. He also links to an excellent replacement for the Omnipass fingerprint software, which I’d recommend you go check out.

Your newly-updated computer will now no longer sit for a minute and say “calculating time remaining” when you move networked files around. Enjoy!

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