Where I’ve Been: The Parade of Awesomeness

Howdy, y’all! I know it’s been a long, long time, but I haven’t been idle. In fact, I’ve been posting every weekday on my new blog, The Parade of Awesomeness.

Each weekday I post something that I think is awesome. Sometimes its a product, like the Logitech VX Nano or Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. Sometimes its a DIY or art project. I’ve mentioned a couple of podcasts, and even recorded a couple of podcast episodes of my own.

I’m running the site through Tumblr, which I means I don’t have to categorize posts or clean up comment spam. It’s clean and simple and I *love* it. I do sort of miss the direct feedback you can get from comments, but on the other hand, I’m wasn’t getting a ton of comments on posts here either. There’s always email if you want to leave feedback. (And believe me, I love to get feedback.)

Anyways, take a look at the new site. I’ll still post here from time to time–some of my more personal stuff, and sometimes the things that aren’t awesome or things that don’t fit the vibe I’m going for at the Parade–but if you want more from me, you’ll want to check out ParadeOfAwesomeness.com.

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