My Desktop Setup

Time for desktop show-and-tell!


My dad found a great deal on a flat panel monitor, so I’ve finally been able to get a dual monitor set up. It’s true what they say: having multiple monitors makes you more productive.

I’ve also just bought a stand for my laptop. It’s a tablet PC, and I’ve got it connected to my desktop via a network crossover cable. This lets me use Multiplicity, a program that lets me use the same keyboard and mouse on two different PCs. (Open-source Synergy does the same thing, but I find that Multiplicity works much better.)



The stand, a Rocketfish RF-LAPSTND, actually works really well. It cost a bit than I really wanted to pay, but it looks and works great. It makes my tablet much easier to use with Multiplicity; I had been leaving the screen open, but swiveled around so that the keyboard was at the back and the screen was close to me, but it had a lot of problems: the network cable would be in the way, since it would have to be in the front, and I wasn’t able to put any pressure on the screen with the pen because it would push the screen back onto the keyboard. This stand is much better.

Here’s another shot, showing the snakes next that you can’t see when you’re working on stuff:


The laptop is connected to an external hard drive for backups and my beloved ScanSnap. The USB hub is held in place with Sticky-Tack.

So, how about you? Show off your desktop on your site and leave a comment. I’d love to see how y’all are set up.

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