Joe’s Goals

I’ve been trying out the Lifehacker-recommended Joe’s Goals for about a week now, and I’ve found it to be most useful.

Joe’s Goals Demo

It works like this: You give it a list of daily goals, which are listed on the side. Each day that you accomplish that goal, you click in the box, and it puts a neat little checkbox there.

You can also add logbooks, which are little tiny squares of text, rather than checkboxes.

The site also keeps stats, like the longest chain of days that you accomplished your goal and a point score at the bottom of each day. You can weight each of your goals a different amount, and you even track negative goals that deduct points.

So, for example, you can say that taking a picture once a day is worth 1 point, while working out for an hour each day is worth 5, and eating more than one snack a day is worth -2.

Overall, Joe’s Goals is a simple tool that I’d recommend to anyone trying to track their New Year’s resolutions.

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