Unclutter Your Blog

Unclutterer links to a great post listing 50 Ways to Unclutter your Blog. There’s a lot of good ideas here, starting with the very first one, under the heading of "Unclutter your sidebar":

1. Move archives to their own page. There is no real reason that they need to be on your sidebar. A reader who has decided they want to dig deeper into your blog will be willing to navigate to a separate page. Reduce blog clutter by linking to a ‘Monthly Archives’ page instead.

Many of these ideas boil down to "get rid of widgets that no one cares about." Content is king: You want your blog readers to focus on what you’ve spent time and effort to write.

At some point here I’ll have to through this list and actually apply some of these ideas. I like the idea of keeping making things clean and polished so that it’s easy to read whatever drivel I come up with.

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