Plz Implement This (And Also Apple)

You know what would make a really, really cool service? If their player would give you the lyrics to the song that you’re listening to in the player, under the artist info. That would be awesome.

On a related note, if iTunes can look up my album art, it should be able to look up the lyrics to my music too. Seriously guys, this needs to be in iTunes already. It’s crazy that I have to manually look up the lyrics to all of my music.

7 thoughts on “ Plz Implement This (And Also Apple)

  1. sorry: 2 comments are poor form. It worked quickly. I don’t know if I have to each time, but it worked after I double clicked the face of the widget, which I did out of frustration because nothing seemed to be working. It could’ve been working but there was no little thing telling me it was working. But I now have lyrics and they are in the lyric field on the iTunes info window.

  2. Actually, scratch that. The lyrics this widget turns up tend to be full of misspellings and errors. No good.

    I just want a central database of accurate song lyrics, approved by the artists and/or publishers of the music that I’m listening to. I want iTunes to connect to that database and automagically get any lyrics that I’m missing. Are you listening Apple?

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  4. Heh, I’m working on this right now (adding lyrics capability to the last fm client. It’s nearly done, I just have a few problems to fix…