Opera Mini Beta 2 Microreview

There’s a new version of Opera Mini, the best cell phone browser out today. They fixed my biggest issue with the previous version: The old version didn’t recognize the Blackberry menu button, using the Q button instead for some reason. Now it does.

And it’s faster than before.

And it’s still free.

By the way, this browser works on most internet enabled phones, not just the Blackberry. The only one that I know for sure isn’t supported is the iPhone, because Apple has locked out all third-party developers. (That’s right iPhone owners: You spent $600 on a phone that can do less than mine. Ha!)

See all the cool new features of the beta, like the Virtual Mouse and integrated search engine box. And, just like before, Opera compresses the page before it sends it to you, so it uses less data and is a lot faster than your phone’s default browser.

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