Where I’ve Been This Time

For the past few days, I’ve been working with my Dad and Jesse on remodeling our bathroom. My mom has lots of details on that project. Yesterday and the day before, Jesse and I stripped most of the wall paper in preparation for repainting the room.

Note to future home-renovators: Do not put wall paper in a bathroom.

I’ve also rediscovered Civilization 4. I bought the new Beyond the Sword expansion pack, which adds all kinds of neat stuff. I never got the Warlords expansion, so this is the first time I’ve gotten to use Great Generals. These guys are awesome.

The great Portuguese empire was under attack from Pericles of the Greeks. He sent in a half-dozen phalanxes in an attempt to sack one of the border cities. The defense forces were able to hold off the initial attack, but soon another wave of phalanxes, catapults, and spearmen crossed the border. All appeared lost–until Sun Tzu and Oliver Cromwell arrived, leading a band of axemen and a group of horse archers. They drove out the invaders, and soon Portugal mustered enough troops to lead their own invasion. They sacked Athens, and then offered Pericles a chance at peace.

Though the peace treaty was accepted, all was not well with the Portuguese Empire, for the treacherous Native Americans, led by Sitting Bull, declared war from the West. They even led Portugal’s friends, the Koreans and the Indians, to betray Portugal and declare war as well. The Portuguese are protected by the ocean, but how long until ships full of enemy troops land on Portuguese shores?

You see why I like this game?

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