Getting in Shape

I am woefully out of shape. But I’m fixing it.

This morning I started the “Couch to 5Krunning jogging plan. At the start of this plan you walk for five minutes, then run/jog for 60 seconds, then walk for 90. You repeat the 60 running/90 walking several times, then walk for five minutes to finish. Over the course of weeks, the running increases until you can run 5K.

Embarrassingly, I had to stop after the third 60 second run. But at least it’s a start.

I also found a handy podcast where the guy will prompt you when you’re supposed to start running and when you can slow back down. It’s nice, because then you don’t have to be watching a watch or counting time in your head while you run.

I’ve have been overweight since about the fourth grade. In high school during my senior year P.E. class, we had a timed 100-yard dash; I came in dead last, behind some fat girl that I disliked. This qualifies in the top five of my most embarrassing moments.

In fact, I was denied health insurance because I was overweight; at the time, I was applying for a personal life insurance policy, and I was 255 lbs at 6 ft tall. They won’t accept anything over 250 for my height.

I don’t think I have the excuse of some kind of hormonal problem or something else outside of my control. I’ve just never been a physically active person, and I ate too much sugar. It’s my own fault, and now I’m going to fix it.

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