Congratulations to the Sandbox Design Competition Winners

I mentioned earlier that I had entered a theme in the Sandbox Design Competition. The winners were announced last night.

The results did not go quite as I thought they would. I would have sworn that Diurnal was going to win the whole thing. The way that it changes appearance throughout the day is a bit of genius. And I’m really partial to the third runner up, Shades of Gray. But the winning themes were all beautiful and well-designed too; it would be hard to pick the best of the 46 excellent themes in the competition.

While I did not win anything, it still think it was worthwhile for me to enter the competition. I discovered e and SftpDrive, found a reasonably bulletproof rounded corners technique, and found a lot of neat bloggers and designers.

Also, I found the Sandbox theme, which I really like. It provides all the framework you’d ever need to hang your CSS on for a WordPress theme. (It does need a wrapper class around the comments so I don’t have to resort to hackery to get rounded corners on my comments though.) I’m even tempted to put together another theme even without the incentive of a contest.

Anyways, if you like the theme and want to use it on your blog, you can download it and try it out. Like all the other themes in the Sandbox competition, it’s released under the GPL, which means that you can do pretty much whatever you want to with it. If you use this theme, I would love to know about it; please, drop a comment on the download page.

Constructive criticism is very much welcome. Tell me what you think of the theme!

Again, congrats to Arpit Jacob, designer of the winning Sandpress theme. Well done everybody!

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