New Version of Flock

Well, I’m trying out Flock again. Flock is a new browser that’s based on Firefox, but which has a lot of other neat features as well. Its biggest selling point is that it integrates with online services like, Flickr, YouTube, and most blogging services.

I had tried Flock in the past, but found certain elements of it to be sort of a pain. For example, it only supported bookmarking to, rather than allowing for local private bookmarks as well. (There was a workaround, but it was unpleasant and hard to find.) They’ve fixed that–along with a lot of their other interface issues–in this new version .9 of the browser.

Flock does make it really easy to publish and discuss media from around the internet. One of its key features is the Media Bar where you can look at your Flickr photostream or your YouTube uploads. So, if I want to publish a photo of my dog, all I have to do is open the media bar, locate the picture in the photostream, and drag it into the blog editor.

You can even right-click on the photo and click “Copy HTML for Large Photo,” then paste that into any other blog editor that you might prefer.

So far, I’m finding Flock to be quick and stable. Now to see if it publishes to my blog properly!

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