New Site Design

I’ve put together a new site design. I’ve been wanting to make something light and clean-looking for a while, and with my brother away at camp, I’ve had a lot of free, undistracted time to work on it.

It’s very much inspired by the default Tumblr theme. When I first saw that, I loved the clean, spacious look of the site, and I wanted to have something like it. So, yesterday and today I spent several hours modifying the default WordPress theme.

The other cool thing is this new theme supports WordPress Widgets, which make customizing the sidebar incredibly easy.

The icons are from the Silk collection at This was also an opportunity for me to play with the Yahoo Grid, which made developing this theme much easier.

Let me know if anything looks out of place or if you see any errors. I’ve looked over everything over and over again, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t missed something.

Hope you like it!

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