Guess what I got!

Today I went to the Cingular AT&T store and got myself a shiny new phone, and I absolutely love it. The Blackberry Curve just came out this very week, and I knew from the reviews on Engadget that it was very well thought of by critics. I had known for several months that I needed to replace my beat up old Motorola V220, but I didn’t want a Palm Treo. Once I saw the prerelease photos of this phone, I knew I had found my new phone.

One of the reasons I wanted to get a smartphone is because I wanted to have exactly one phone/addressbook instead of a bunch of them in different email clients, my cell phone, and my PDA. Fortunately–and unlike my old Clie–my new phone syncs beautifully with Outlook. I’ll also always have a good todo list manager and calendar with me, and I now have constant internet access, so I can blog from anywhere. Plus having a keyboard is much, much better than the old graffiti input on the Clie.

All in all, this thing is just about perfect. I love it.

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