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I’m always amused when I visit Christian Supply, a local Christian bookstore, for a couple of reasons. First, I love seeing the innovative new ways that people try to sell Bibles. You might think that there’s no market for a 2,000 year old book that most everyone in the South already has a copy of, and you’d be right. That’s why Christian marketers have had to invent things like:

Drink Deeply Bible

This is essentially a standard paperback Bible, but stuffed into a plastic box.

metal biblemore metal bibles

This is a Bible in a metal case. Same words, different style!

Second, I enjoying seeing the blatant exploitation of trends in popular culture, such as:

jack bauer as religious instruction

Frankly, that could be referring to their ratings this season as well as to anything spiritual.

christian ipod nano cases

If there is a consumer product, there will be a Christian rip-off of it. Seriously though: Tune in to God? You know iPods don’t have radios in them, right?

These next couple are from the Christian Self-Help section:

Probably the same guy who moved your cheese.

They don’t even try to dress this one up in spiritual language. They just get right to the point.

Then, there are the T-Shirts, ranging from the irreverent to the nigh-blasphemous.

I like how they trademarked this.


That’s clearly a picture of a headless dog being held down by a pair of tires.

As with any advertisement, you have to watch that fine print.

If there is MySpace in your afterlife, you did not go to heaven.

Jesus as the Starbucks Lady. Calvin and Zwingli would not approve. Not as offensive as the Godweiser T-Shirt, but close.

As long as Christians are a marketing demographic, there will be cheesy Christian-targeted books, products, and clothes, and I will always have something to write about after going to Christian Supply.

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