An Easy $500

I recently discovered a blog called “Five Cent Nickel,” which specializes in personal finance tips. They’re having a two-year anniversary contest where you (or, preferably, I) can win an iPod Nano or some personal finance books.

In looking around the site’s welcome page, I found an article that I could use to get enough money to pay for an iPod without winning the contest. It turns out that credit card companies will give you money just for signing up with their card.

Of course, most of this money is in the form of rewards points or gift certificates, but it’s still spendable money that you can get for filling out paperwork. My only concern would be your credit rating. Since I have no idea how that’s calculated, I have to wonder if would it negatively affect your credit rating to sign up for four or five credit cards all at the same time.

In any case, I’ve subscribed to Five Cent Nickel, and I’m looking forward to finding out more personal finance tips.

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