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Future Enterprise
This thing is called the Future Enterprise. It was the rarest card in the First Edition Star Trek: Customizable Card Game. I bought it on eBay.

Yes, ST:CCG was cool. Shut up.

In fact, it was so cool, nobody in the whole freaking state played it except for me and my brother (when I could pester him into playing).

At least it was better than that Pokemon trading card game….

8 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Rare

  1. Of course it’s cool, and certainly rare. I bet nobody else will have that for their entry this week!

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  3. Well it certainly is rare since I’d never heard of it! lol Might be worth a lot of money one day because it’s not something one sees around too often!! Have a wonderful weekend:-)

  4. That’s about as rare as it gets, I watched Star Trek TNG for awhile. I did not know about the game though.
    Thank you for sharing.