I don’t feel like doing it today.

And now I’m screaming on the crowded streets
I’m telling everyone that I meet
But no matter what I try to say I’m only whispering.

Josh Woodward, Only Whispering

Well, my goal at the start of this month was to write at least one blog post every day during the month of March. As you can see from the calendar in the sidebar, that didn’t quite happen. Mostly, I just forgot on those days. Still, 27 days out of 31 ain’t bad. (87%, or a B +.)

But today, I just don’t feel like doing one. Is anyone even out there reading this? Or am I wasting my time here?

3 thoughts on “I don’t feel like doing it today.

  1. I read this via RSS feed, so even if I don’t read it everyday, I don’t miss anything.