I Love My Tablet

I’ve been spending my day getting my new computer oriented with my life: connecting it to the network at my job, transferring files, installing programs, and just playing with the thing.

I love it. I keep discovering new things I can do with it. For example, I discovered I can write “ink notes” in Excel, so I can mark up a spreadsheet. I can do all kinds of neat stuff in OneNote, a program which deserves its own separate blog entry. It’s even pressure sensitive, so I can alternately write lightly and bear down hard on a picture in Paint.Net.

I also like Windows Vista. This thing came with Vista Business Edition. The handwriting recognition in Vista is really, really good. It can decipher my hand-writing, which is not an easy thing for most people I know to do. I like that I can do minor picture editing straight from an explorer window. I like the new eye-candy, the fading in and out of windows. I like how they changed the My Documents folder to be more like a “home” folder with a Documents folder inside of it, along with a Videos folder and a Music folder and all the other folders.

And I went ahead and upgraded to Office 2007. I’m on the cutting edge! And that cutting edge sliced right into my wallet! My bank account has been hemorrhaging cash this month. No more big purchases for a while, I think.

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