With my blog, I generally want to have my own content, instead of just quoting things. Just quoting other people adds to that “echo chamber” effect that blogs have and means that I’m not contributing much to the conversation. But there’s still interesting stuff out there I’d like to quote with a minimum of commentary some times.

Thats why I’ve started a Tumblog. This is not, in fact, a blog about antacids. Instead, it’s a collection of whatever neat quotes and fun stuff I find around the internet.

Tumblr is great because it’s really, really simple. Just pick what kind of content you want to add–Regular Post, Photo, Quote, Link, Conversation, or Video–then paste or type the information into the form. No categories, comments, trackbacks, or any of the normal stuff you associate with blogging. And it displays the content in a nice big, clean format that’s really easy to read.

Find my tumblog at http://jdharper.tumblr.com/

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