Awesome Word 2007 Feature for Students

Citations are the bane of students. College-level teachers tremendously overvalue the worth of putting every period exactly in the right place in the Works Cited/Bibliography page. In English 102 at BJU, a single error costs you a third of a letter grade, as I recall.

That’s why this feature of Word 2007 is so awesome: Let’s say you have a quote you want to add to cite. Click in the text just after the quote, then click the References tab.


Then click “Insert Citation” and select “Add New Source.”


Fill out the citations form with all the basic information, like the title of the book and the author’s name.


When you click OK, it will automatically add the parenthetical reference. Then, go to the end of the paper and add a page break. Then click Bibliography and select either a Works Cited page or a Bibliography page.


When you click on Bibliography, it automatically puts it together for you in whatever format you need: MLA, APA, or whatever.


I’ve been really impressed with my demo of Office 2007 so far. This would have been a huge help in my university classes. I’m finding myself grudgingly realizing that I’m about to spend over $300 on the upgrade.

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