When you’ve got to go….

I’ve said it before: Bathroom breaks are a basic human right. Skywest Airlines is learning that lesson today after a man had to relieve himself into an air-sickness bag during a flight from Boise to Salt Lake City.

Apparently, the pilot had declared the plane’s bathroom “off-limits” because a light wasn’t working. I can’t tell from the article whether or not that means that it was an indicator light saying that the toilet was broken or whether it was just a light fixture.

Here’s what I can’t figure out: According to the article, none of the other passengers noticed him relieving himself. How did he did pull that off? In his seat, covered by a blanket? Standing in the back of the cabin? Maybe he did his business while the drink cart was coming by and everyone was distracted.

Maybe the airlines can use this as a cost-cutting measure. They’re already providing everyone those little air-sickness bags; why not save lots of money by disabling the airline toilets, saving the cost of the toilet paper and that weird blue water? Sure it will mean a loss of privacy for the passengers, but they’re pretty much used to that already.

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