What’s with this March Madness business?

I’ve never been a sports nut; I’d rather play with a computer or read a book or write something than watch people I don’t know throw a ball.

Near as I can tell, there are only a few reasons to watch professional sports:

  • You know one of the players. Given the immense number of people who follow professional sports, this seems unlikely.
  • For college sports, you went to the same school. But what about people like BJU students, who follow things like the NCAA tournament without having gone to the schools in question?
  • Your friends or family enjoy professional sports, and you use it as a source of small talk. But why sports instead of something meaningful interesting?
  • You have money riding on one of the teams. But many of the people that I know who enjoy sports to not engage in gambling.

So, seriously: Why do you people watch sports?

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