Travel Binoculars

Last week, while Dad and I were at Radio Shack picking up an HD antenna, I found a neat pair of binoculars on the top shelf of a display in the back. Since Dad was busy talking with a salesman, I picked them up and tried them, looking across the mall into a clothing store. I was impressed with them, since they worked very well, seemed well-constructed, and cost less than $20.

I was about to buy them when my Dad, who knows a lot about telescopes, microscopes, and the like, pointed out that these same binoculars were available at Meade’s website for just $11, with free shipping. I ordered them when I got home, and they just arrived today.


I’m amazed at what you can get for just $11. The binoculars feel solid and well-constructed, while still being small and light enough for carrying comfortably.

The image is razor sharp. You can focus with the dial in the middle of the binoculars, and you can even adjust the right eye’s focus to be different from the left eye’s focus. (This is good for me, because without my glasses, my right eye sees much worse than my left one.)

In addition to the binoculars, you get a travel case, a big storage box, and a lint-free cloth for cleaning the lenses.

I really like these binoculars. I’m not sure when I’ll ever use them, but they’re cheap enough that they’re worth getting anyways. I’ll have to go hiking or something now so I can try them out someplace other than my front yard.

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