Astute readers will notice that there’s a new badge in my Social Networking sidebar. It’s from a site called “Twitter.” Basically, Twitter is a way to constantly update folks on what I’m doing or thinking about. It’s sort of a nifty “stream-of-consciousness” miniblog. John Edwards has one, as does prominent productivity blogger Merlin Mann. It’s pretty nifty.

It’s also a great source of interesting quotes like these:

  • At Ritual Coffee, the hand-crafted sign by the register now reads, “Please, no blogging in line.”
  • Internet, I’m in labor. Do something.
  • Tshirt I just saw: dolphins are gay sharks.

You can update by text message, instant message (I use google talk, personally), or by the website. It’s just a neat way of logging your life. I haven’t decided if I’ll stick with it or not, but it seems like fun for now.

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