Texter: TextExpander for Windows

There’s a new free tool available for Windows users called “Texter.” Made by the great folks at Lifehacker, Texter replaces your own customized abbreviations with longer passages of text. So, for example, you could have it replace “addr” with you home address, or “eml” with your email address, saving you typing time.

The thing that really makes it cool is that you can have it put any text on the clipboard into the expanded text. You can also have it move the cursor to any point in the expanded text. When you put these things together, you can make it really easy to automate some common HTML tasks, like making a link. So now, when I want to link to something in my blog, I copy the link into my clipboard, then type “hre” and hit tab. It replaces the “hre” with <a href=”link URL”></a> and places the cursor in between the two tags so that I can type the link text.

There are some videos on the site that explain how to set it all up. It’s easy to use, and it looks like a real time saver.

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