I Love HD

My Dad and I spent most of the day today setting up our living room for our new TV. Our old TV was something like twenty years old, and it was starting to show its age. So when my dad was able to find a great deal on a new TV at Office Depot (!), I was delighted.

Unfortunately, the TV cabinet we were using was designed for a smaller CRT TV, rather than a larger flat-panel LCD. Despite searching the local electronics and furniture retailers, we were unable to find a reasonably priced TV cabinet in town. Dad eventually went with a cabinet he found online, which arrived yesterday.

This morning was spent assembling furniture and rearranging everything. Eventually, we had everything hooked up. We went to Radio Shack and picked up an HD antenna, which bears a striking resemblance to the saucer section of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation. With this antenna, we can clearly see NBC, CBS, Fox, ETV, and MYCW in beautiful detail. This covers every show we regularly watch except for Lost. (Apparently ABC can’t be bothered to put a HD station here closer than Asheville.)

I am absolutely stunned by how good it looks. I can’t wait to see Heroes in HD!

3 thoughts on “I Love HD

  1. Which RadioShack antenna model did you take? Have you checked with AntennaWeb how many broadcasts are available in your area? How many of them you can pull in with RadioShack?

    just wondering …. personally, I am a fan of terk antennas in good to moderate hd signal strength, and winegard antennas when the reception is really tough …

  2. We got Radio Shack’s Model #15-1892. It’s out of stock online, but might be available locally in your store.

    We can pull in ten stations: NBC, NBC-2, CBS, CBS-2, FOX, FOX-2, MYCW, ETV, ETV-2, and ETV-3.

    NBC-2, CBS-2, and FOX-2 are all weather stations.

    It works really well for my area.

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