Adventures in Linux

This weekend, on a whim, I decided to install Ubuntu Linux onto my laptop. Previously, when I tried Ubuntu on my desktop, it worked, but was a real pain to use; it seemed like on every hand there was some new driver issue or problem to deal with, each of which would take the better part of an evening to fix.

On my laptop, it’s the complete opposite. Ubuntu has been an absolute joy to use. It’s even been able to do stuff that I would have thought impossible for this older-model Toshiba. For example, it’s capable of running Beryl, an awesome 3D desktop program, even though the laptop has a pitiful video card. Here’s an example of what Beryl can do on a system with a good video card:

YouTube Preview Image

On mine, it’s not nearly as smooth, but it still works pretty well.

Anyways, I guess the lesson here is: Ubuntu is a lot better on older, more common hardware than on Franken-PC’s like my desktop. And when Linux is working properly, it can be a lot of fun.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Linux

  1. I agree that kubuntu looks much, much better than ubuntu. In mean, seriously: An all-brown default theme? There’s a reason that both Windows and OSX use a lot of blue in their default themes.

    But, one of the other cool features of Beryl is the Emerald Theme Manager. I’ve got my theme set up to be a shiny emerald-esque green color. Very nice. And I get to stick with Gnome, which I know reasonably well already.