Possible Fix for Wii error codes: 51330, 52030, 32002

After a few days with the Wii, we discovered that the Internet had quit working for the Wii. We tried all of the stuff at the support site–changing the router to broadcast at channel 11, entering a static IP address, all of that. None of it helped.

But we did get it working. It started working again when we removed the old Gamecube memory cards from the back of the console. Once they were out, the internet started working fine.

Hope that helps some Googler out there!

4 thoughts on “Possible Fix for Wii error codes: 51330, 52030, 32002

  1. You are a genius. Having just spent two hours looking at various official support pages & ‘knowledgeable’ forums, found your site and fixed the problem in 30 seconds. Let me buy you a pint if you’re ever in Bristol (UK).

  2. We had the exact same problem with our loss of Wii internet connection, even tried two different Access Points and spent tons of time trying to trouble-shoot the problem. I never would have thought to remove the Gamecube Memory cards, but that fixed the problem. Thanks!