13 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Gross

  1. That reminds me of a friend’s first trip to the United States from France. We were all talking and someone said, “That’s gross!” Chantal immediately said, “I don’t understand – 144?”

  2. Quite a difference from most the photos this morning! Although – the paint left behing by those BB could be gross! As well as any bruises! I’ve got my first SPH up. Check it out!

  3. I am so glad someone chose that kind of gross! :) I thought about it, but didn’t have a gross of anything lying around. Great idea! I hope he has fun. :) My photo is up

  4. I’m glad we are starting to see some pictures of this sort of gross. I just couldn’t be bothered to find 144 of anything. Happy weekend.

  5. I saw these and almost bought some but wasn’t sure about them. SO, they are good and fun, huh? I may have to get some… it seems they are the new things over BB’s… Ya’ll shoot them at each other? Ouch.