Guess what my dad bought?

This is so cool:


My dad bought us a Wii. It’s been running almost constantly since about three this afternoon.

It’s awesome–and not just the games, either. The Wii also has a news reader, a weather channel, and a photo viewer, all of which are brilliantly designed. You can even download a web browser for it! The browser is a variant of Opera, and so it supports stuff like Flash and Javascript. We watched a Homestar Runner and a couple of YouTube clips on our TV, which was really cool.

And the games are fun too. Nintendo’s goal with this Wii was to get the whole family playing–not just the 18-24 year old males. And it worked! My mom and dad spent some time playing the Wii Sports bowling game–and my Mom scored a record high score, beating scores that my brothers and I had set.

One other fun thing is the little “Mii’s” that you can create. You can design little avatars that look like you or your friends, and then use those Mii’s to play some of the games. I hope that more games–not just Wii Sports–take advantage of this feature. At some point, I’ll have to post a photo of my Mii.

I love the Wii. It’s beautifully designed and fun to play with, whether you’re watching the news or playing games. (Thanks, Dad!)

2 thoughts on “Guess what my dad bought?

  1. It’s a video game console. It comes with a game called Wii Sports that lets you and up to four friends play golf, bowling, boxing, tennis, or baseball.

    In addition to that, you can use it to access the internet, check the weather and the news, and some other stuff. Video game consoles are a sort of computer, but they’re very specialized, designed mainly to play games.