Great Wordplay

I’ve always loved good metaphors and turns of phrase. I value clever lyrics in my music and have subscribed to blogs just on the basis of a well-written phrase.

I also grow weary of the constant flood of advertising in American culture.

So, I particularly enjoyed the latest post from the Church of the Customer blog. The authors, Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba have written books and blog entries and podcasts promoting the idea of companies pursuing personal relationships with customers.

A company that waterboards society and its culture with advertising is an organization that not only lacks imagination and creative skill but is probably incapable of creating or maintaining any kind of meaningful relationship.

Like a sociopath.

Waterboarding society with advertising. That’s exactly what’s it’s like. Do we really need ads over urinals and stamped on eggs?

By the way, the audiobook version of The Church of the Customer, is really well written and well produced, and it makes some great points for anyone aspiring to build their business. They show you how you can build a community of loyal customers who double as “citizen marketers”–people who tell their friends about your products/services. They obviously know what they’re talking about, because I’m marketing their book to you and I’m not being compensated by them in any way.

Incidentally, they haven’t put out a new podcast episode in months. This makes me sad; it’s one of the few business podcasts I still listen to.

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