Not Again

idol.pngSome folks in Florida have erected a new 10 Commandments idol in front of the Dixie County courthouse.

*sigh* Here we go again. We can look forward to the ACLU suing Dixie County, to pastors around the country denouncing the ACLU and using this event as a demonstration of how “oppressed” Christians are in the United States, to the courts eventually deciding in favor of the ACLU, and to a few months of peace before some nutjob tries this again.

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia: A block of granite that size costs $20,000. How many people can you feed with $20,000? How many gospel tracts can you buy? How many missionaries could your church support for a year with $20,000?

This isn’t about spreading the gospel or doing any kind of good. It’s about building the egos of the donors and the Dixie County commissioners. Don’t believe me?

Former Commissioner John Driggers broached the subject on behalf of an unnamed county resident, asking whether the board was “bold enough” to allow the monument to be placed at the courthouse. After then-county attorney Joey Lander told the board he would defend any lawsuits stemming from the decision for free, commissioners voted in favor of allowing the project to proceed.

Joey Lander and John Driggers are using the ten commandments as a publicity stunt. Maybe, just maybe, this time conservatives won’t fall for it like they did the Roy Moore publicity stunt in 2003.

But who am I kidding?

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