FireFox 2.0

The other neat thing that I’m playing with other than the aforementioned Google Reader is the Firefox 2.0 Release Candidate. The new version of Firefox is going to have some new features, the most prominent of which are these two: First, the search bar offers suggestions from Google about what it thinks you’re searching for. So, if you type “New York,” it will drop down a box with entries like “New York Times,” “New York City,” and “New York Daily News.”

The other, far more valuable feature is the built-in spell checker. In any text form–like the blog entry form I’m typing in right now–Firefox will scan for misspelled words and underline them in red, just like in Word. This will (hopefully) prevent me from releasing blog entries with horrid spelling problems. That is very convenient.

I’ve encountered no problems with this version of Firefox yet, so hopefully version 2.0 will be released very soon.

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