Camping Trip in Camp Croft

Particularly astute readers will note that my Flickr widget in the sidebar has updated with some new photos. Over the weekend, I took a brief camping trip at Camp Croft, not far from where I live. It was a perfect weekend to spend time outside. The weather was cool and fairly dry, rather than the miserable heat and humidity South Carolina endures over the summer.

I arrived at the campsite after work, just before Dad started cooking hamburgers for my Mom, my youngest brother, and I. After dinner, we went down to look at Lake Craig.


We could see lots and lots of small ripples in the water, which I believe were fish. These folks had the right idea:


Shortly after dark, my Mom headed back to the house while Jesse, Dad, and I stayed on the campsite. (Women and their love of modern conveniences!) We did all the requisite camping stuff–cooked smores, drank hot chocolate, and enjoyed conversation until we were tired and went to sleep.

The thing I love most about camping is its unhurried pace. Time seems meaningless out there other than “light” and “dark.” Quite a change from the way most of us live and work here in the U.S.

I would love to go camping again soon–and maybe for longer than just an overnight trip.

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