Blog Jones is Blocked at BJU

So, a friend stuck in the dorms at BJU tells me that, my old blog, is blocked at BJU under the classification of personal pages.

I really hate censorware. It’s the primary reason I didn’t want to stay in the dorms at BJU. I wouldn’t mind if they only blocked obviously offensive material. But they block “personal pages” and humor sites like Homestar Runner. They even block some sites under a category of “anime.”

They block every free blogging service, they block Flickr, and they block all the images hosted by

They have a tremendously fast connection, but you can’t get to half of the internet.

Fortunately, BJU users can still get here to read this. For now.

2 thoughts on “Blog Jones is Blocked at BJU

  1. A whole lot of people around the world would love to be “stuck” in the dorms of a university that teaches God’s Word. I’m not arguing for/against a particular policy. I guess it’s more an attitude thing.