I just nuked my computer.

I’ve had my laptop for about three years now, ever since the beginning of my sophomore year at BJU. It was swift and state-of-the-art at the time–it even had 802.11b wireless networking built right in!

Now, thanks to years of software installations and general Windows crud, it’s slowed down. A lot. It was still usable, but it wasn’t pleasant by any means.

So, today, I decided to nuke the thing. I spent the morning backing up files, obsessively going through (almost) every folder on my hard drive. About twenty minutes ago, I put in the restore disk and rebooted the computer, wiping out everything and restoring it back to it’s original, un-crudded beauty.

Of course, beauty is a relative term. Toshiba’s default background is hideous.

At this point I’m removing all the pre-installed crap that hardware vendors feel you need on your computer (e.g. AOL version 8.0). When that’s done, I’ll update it to Windows XP SP1, reinstall Microsoft Office, Flock, and enjoy my crud-free computing.

So far, it seems faster. I hope it stays that way!

2 thoughts on “I just nuked my computer.

  1. Coupla reasons: Mostly, I need to work with the Microsoft Office suite for my job.

    That, and I know how to make Windows work for me; there’s a lot I’d have to re-learn in Linux.