The Terrorists are Winning

Over the past few days, terrorists have done immense damage to the air travel industry without even blowing up a single plane.

By creating fear (or, “terror,” if you will), they have caused the airline industry and the government-owned Transportation Security Administration to overreact against all the normal citizens of western countries. Before, flying was a mild inconvenience: you’d have to go through security, take off your shoes, and go through. Now, they’re taking away iPods, books, bottles of water, cell phones, laptops. Basically, you will sit on the plane, staring forward with hands in your lap, hungry, thirsty, and unable to do anything about it.

So, who’s up for a trip to Europe?! Anybody…?

It’s even gotten to the point that people can’t fly because they wear those gel insoles on their shoes.

What makes this all worse is that the TSA is making exceptions for baby formula and medication. Now, if I’m a terrorist, I’m pretty sure that I can get a bottle of medication to hide my “liquid explosives” in. Essentially, the TSA is inconveniencing millions of Americans for no reason at all. If you make exceptions for any reason, then the whole system is worthless.

Here’s what I think they should do: Go back to the system we had a week ago. These ineffective security measures will kill the air travel industry, because no normal customer is going to willingly put up with it. You can’t stop a determined person from bringing liquids onto the airplane, because drug runners have been doing it for years by swallowing them in little plastic bags.

What’s next? Everyone has to get their stomachs pumped at the airport and endure a full body cavity search?

You can’t stop it, so quit hurting the millions of innocent air travelers by trying.

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