The Tubing Industry

My dad, my brothers, and I had planned to go tubing this morning. In case you’re not aware of the practice, here’s how it works: You float down a river, sitting in a big inner tube (like they used to use for car and truck tires), enjoying the scenery and the experience of sliding down the rapids.

Unfortunately, it’s raining this morning, which would make the experience much less pleasant, so we’ve postponed our trip for a little while.

But here’s what I’m wondering: How many people earn a living from this little industry? For example, the place we had planned to go rents inner tubes with handles and sends a bus down to the end of the course to return you to your car. And then there’s the guys who manufacture, market, and sell the specialized inner tubes. They, in turn, pay folks in the petroleum industry who make the plastics used for the inner tubes.

Isn’t the economy fun?

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