Welcome to JDHarper.com: Blog Jones Rebranded.

Why the change? There are several reasons, listed below:

First, the name Blog Jones is kind of limiting in what I can do: I can write a blog. If I ever get into podcasting, what would I call it? Podcast Jones?

Second, think that the name “Blog Jones” is a little silly-sounding and (to people who haven’t finished this post) it probably doesn’t make much sense.

The third reason for the rebranding is the origin of the site’s name. See, way back when I was starting my blog, blogging was still pretty new. I believed that I was the only blogger at Bob Jones University. (This may have even been true, in fact, since I started way, way back in August of 2003.) So, since I was the only blogger at Bob Jones, it made sense to call it Blog Jones. Bob -> Blog. Now that I’ve graduated from BJU it doesn’t make sense to carry the Jones name around anymore.

Anyways, welcome aboard, and thanks for migrating with me to my new domain name. If, by some miracle, you treasure some piece of content from the old Blog Jones domain, don’t worry. I’m keeping that up and running too. Your permalinks and bookmarks will not suffer link rot. Just be sure to save this site in your bookmarks and point your RSS Feed aggregators at the new JDHarper.com feed.

It’s a fresh, new start! I hope you all will stick around.

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